Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Purpose of this Blog

The San Mateo Adult School already has several blogs.

We have a blog that is focused on the ESL department - smaceesl.blogspot.com

and a blog that is focused on student success - smacesuccess.blogspot.com.

Those are both good things.

The purpose of this blog is different.

Adult education - all across the state of California - is under a lot of pressure. There have been many cuts and changes and more are possible.

All schools - state preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, adult schools, community colleges, state universities, and the University of California schools - have gone through a lot - many cuts and many changes.

But adult education has been hit the hardest. Every school across the state was cut and in some places, adult schools were completely closed.

The purpose of this blog is to let people what is going on and what they can do to prevent more cuts and to help adult schools rebuild.


Because adult education matters.

We'll tell you why in future posts.

And we ask your help in that, too.

If you have a story, photo, or video that can help people understand why adult education matters, place a comment here so we can share that information and inspiration with others.

And if you a suggestion about what we can do to prevent more cuts and to rebuild from the cuts we've had, let us know that, too.

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