Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still An Example

The Los Angeles Adult School is huge in both numbers and accomplishments.  Around the state, other schools have looked to it as an example of how educate a large number of adult students creatively, efficiently, and well.  300,000 students have gained new vocational skills, earned GED and high school diplomas, improved their English skills or become US citizens.  That's 300,000 people better able to parent, work, neighbor, make smart decisions about community matters, and commuicate in school, job, court, neighborhood, retail, traffic, and worship settings. 

Adult schools in California are still looking to LA as an example of "how to do it," this time in terms of surviving and resisting budget cuts.

Take a look at how staff, students, community and legislators are responding to the tremendous cuts that threaten to all but close the wonderful Los Angeles Adult School programs:

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