Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolve to Revolve


To make a decision... to determine... to do something, most often to improve things...

To solve a problem


To go around... to go around in a circle...


Most often a decision at New Year's to make changes which improve things...

The solving of a problem...  sometimes in a way which brings things full circle...


The complete circling of something... as in the earth around the sun...

A complete change... as in the American Revolution...

Last year at this time, Adult Ed was in crisis. 

It was not valued.

Its funding was in jeopardy.

Its existence was in jeopardy.

In the year since, things have changed.


Adult Ed is now valued.

Many people - including the Legislative Analyst Office - recognizing its importance to California.

But it is still in jeopardy.

Because while, thanks to the passing of Prop 30, funding for all Public Ed is more assured...

Funding for Adult Ed, because of how Gov. Brown's Weighted Student Formula might go down, is not.

We've done great work.

Important work.

Significant work.

In essence, we've made it halfway round.

Now, in the year ahead, we need to finish the job.

We need to resolve to revolve.

To establish, once and for all, not just the value of Adult Ed but the importance of secure funding for it.

In the coming year, we can bring the crisis of a year ago to resolution.

Shoulder to the wheel, one step at a time, we can do it.

Resolve to revolve.

Here we go.

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