Monday, July 8, 2013

CCAE: Join the Family!

We're still here!  We've come so far!  And we've got further yet to go!
The Voice
Hear that?

That's the voice of Adult Education!

Otherwise known as CCAE -

California Council for Adult Education -

the only organization that includes teachers, classified staff members, administrators, counselors, students, and friends of adult education.

And thanks in great part to CCAE's legislative advocacy in Sacramento, that voice continues.

Athena and CCAE remind Sacramento to choose wisely.

CCAE rallying support for Prop 30

CCAE also provides professional development at regional and state conferences.

SMAS teachers at the 2013 Bay Region Conference

Branka Marceta,
Co-Chair of the 2013 State Conference

The cost of Membership is very reasonable and includes access to healthcare benefits.
Click on the "read more" link to learn about why you should join and how.

Membership cost for:
Admin:   85 (part-time) or 100 (full-time)
Teachers:   30 (10 hours or less), 60 (11 to 20 hours), 75 (21 or more hours weekly)
Classified:   20 (part-time) or 30 (full-time)
Students and Everyone else:   20
Jerry Green, Executive Director of CCAE, brings this important message:
Your charisma and initiative are needed! With legislation in place that restricts further adult education program shrinkage, healthier K-12 funding, and the opportunity to collaborate with the Community College System in developing Regional Consortia, it is time to for adult education to build its future. This growth opportunity applies to your professional organizations, as well as to California Adult Schools. While our CCAE members have become more determined and tenacious over the past 5 years, our state-wide membership is just 60% of what is was before the economic downturn. The strength that comes from increased membership enrollment can significantly enhance CCAE's quest over the next two years to secure legislation and dedicated funding that insures the future of education services for adults throughout California. If each of you reaches out to one colleague and invites him or her to join our professional organization, the resultant boost in memberships will also translate into a richer variety of staff development opportunities at the regionally and state levels. More CCAE members means more active chapters that can support local adult school initiatives and an increased number of awards events that acknowledge the excellent work of teachers and support staff.
And here's my message:
We barely made it.
We came very, very close to complete disaster and very, very close to the complete dismantling of a very good, very well-established delivery system - K12 Adult Schools.
But thanks to grassroots action (you), CCAE, support from the CDE ("If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"), and the Legislature (Liu, Bonilla, and Lieu, just to name a few), we made it through.
Now we face new challenges:  Regional Consortia (how will that work?), the two years leading up to Regional Consortia (MOE - Maintenance of Effort - means schools must continue but doesn't mean things go smoothly) and perhaps the real biggie: 

We're inside a new chrysalis.   Adult Ed is changing.  What will it look like two, four, or ten years from now?  We need to be part of that change - and what shapes it. 
CCAE is an important way to have a voice in how things change.
Patricia, Cynthia (me), Lisa
at the 2013 State Conference in Sacramento.
Is it the only way?  No.
But it is a very good and important way and I highly recommend that you join.
I did and I plan to renew my membership year after year.
Do I agree with every stance CCAE takes or has taken on every issue?
No.  And that's not what membership is about.
CCAE is like being part of a family. 
You share common purpose, resources, wisdom, advice, support - and opinions. 
And you receive the same in return.
I absolutely recommend membership.
CCAE is more powerful with more members - and that's a power needed now more than ever.
We've come so far - but we still have far to go - and we'll go farther together.
Please - add your power to CCAE's power.  Join the family.


  1. Thanks Cynthia,
    Can we use thess at our Back to School meetings on July 29th? We'd like to boost CCAE membership at our adult schools, and this could help give some perspective on the present and future of Adult Education in our district.