Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Include Teachers in the RC Planning Process

Here is a letter to CDE (California Department of Education) Superintendent from the presidents of the two largest teachers unions, CFT (California Federation of Teachers) and CTA (California Teachers Association) urging him to include teachers in the planning process for the new Regional Consortia system.
The letter is from April of 2014 - so it is not new - but I had not included it on this blog before and one purpose of the blog is to be a library of information which others can use in our work to save and rebuild Adult Education, especially K12 Adult Schools. 


Adult Education, like every branch of public education but even more so, is being re-formed.  It is being pruned and trimmed so that it grows in new directions.
Because public education is for the public and paid for by the public, we all need to be in on what is happening.   Including teachers is one way to make sure that happens.

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