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Change Agent Call for Writing about Race by Adult Learners

The Change Agent is a magazine for Adult Learners and Adult Educators.  It addresses issues that are important to Adult Learners.  Many of the articles are written by Adult Learners.

Here is information about their latest call for writing:

Write for Us!

The Change Agent features writing by adult learners. All submissions must be received by the deadline to be considered for publication. Suggested length is 200-1000 words. We pay $50 stipends to adult education students whose work is accepted for publication. All submissions are reviewed by our Editorial Board. Final decisions are made by The Change Agent Editor. Please see the current call for articles for more details about our current theme.

Click on the "read more" link to learn more.

Here is a PDF of the Call for articles Issue 42.

The deadline for submission is November 6, 2015.

Here are the details:

The Change Agent CALL FOR ARTICLES Race (Issue #42) YOU MUST include in all articles and emails the contact information for the student and/or the teacher. THEME: Race. We particularly invite adult learners to share their experiences in writing or with illustrations. Use one or two (not all!) of the following writing prompts to guide your writing:


• What is race? Research this question. Use several sources to back up your claims. Draw from science as well as sociology. Cite your sources.

• Does race have special meaning in the U.S.? If so, what is it? Cite your sources.

• Explore the history of race in the U.S. Where does the idea of "race" come from? Cite your sources.

• If you are not from the U.S., does race have a different meaning in your country of origin? If so, describe it. • Do you think race has been used to divide people? If so, how? Who benefits from racial divisions? • Describe when you first became aware of race. Tell the story. Include details.

• Describe a way that you have experienced racism in an interpersonal situation -- for example, a racist comment made by a friend or co-worker.

• Describe a way that you have experienced institutional racism -- for example, being treated differently by police or the court system because of the color of your skin.

• The issue of black people being killed by police or dying in police custody has been in the news a lot lately. What are your reflections on this issue? • What is the #blacklivesmatter movement about? What do you think about it? • Explore what it means to be white in the U.S. If you are white, can you identify any privileges that you got as a result of being white? Can you tell any stories about how being white affected you? • What are the advantages and disadvantages of categorizing people by race? • What do you celebrate about your race? All articles must be received by November 6, 2015. Include in all articles and emails the contact information for the student and/or the teacher. Final decisions are made by The Change Agent editorial board. A $50 stipend will be paid to each adult education student whose work is accepted
for publication.

Please send material (preferably by email) to:

Cynthia Peters, World Education, 44 Farnsworth St., Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-482-9485 fax: 617-482-0617;

The mission of The Change Agent is to provide news, ideas, and other teaching resources that inspire and enable adult educators and learners to make civic participation and social justice concerns part of their teaching and learning.

Here is more information about the Change Agent:

The Change Agent is a biannual magazine for adult educators and learners published by the New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC) at World Education.

The Change Agent was conceived in 1994 as a tool to help teachers and learners apply advocacy skills in response to impending federal funding cutbacks for adult education. The first issue was so well received that we continued to produce more issues. Now well established as a unique publication within the adult education community, The Change Agent continues to promote social action as an important part of the adult learning experience.

Our mission is to provide a low-cost teaching resource that features writings by adult learners and inspires adult educators and learners to make civic participation and social justice part of their teaching and learning. Each issue explores a different topic through student writing, news articles, opinion pieces, classroom activities, poems, graphics, and cartoons. Our website includes many additional resources, including audio versions of articles, leveled texts, links between specific Change Agent articles and the College and Career Readiness Standards, and extra resources for each issue.

The Change Agent has a circulation of 16,000 and is available in paper and online, at individual or bulk subscription levels. It is distributed at a reduced rate to NELRC member states. To find out more, contact your state literacy resource center.

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