Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017-18 Brown Budget Proposal: Still No Increase for Adult Education

Information for funding Adult Education is now in the "Investing in California's Workforce" section of the budget.  In the past, there was information about Adult Education in the K12 and Higher Education sections. 
It seems Governor Brown is slowly but surely framing Adult Education as being less about education and more about work.  That's a nice way to avoid the truth Adult Education is and always has been - for over 150 years - part of the educational system of California.  And while Adult Education includes job skills training, just like people, Adult Education is about more than just work.

No matter what you call it or where you put it in the budget, Adult Education is not seen, treated and funded in the same way all other branches of Public Education are.

It is high time that Adult Education be given the Education Equality that Californians need and deserve.
#EducationEquality4AE now!
Here is the information from Governor Brown's ebudget about Adult Education:
In 2015‑16, community college vocational education programs served roughly 300,000

full‑time equivalent students, about 27 percent of all community college full‑time

equivalent students. Below are several other community college programs that

strengthen workforce development and foster job creation:

Strong Workforce Program — The Budget includes $248 million Proposition 98

General Fund for the Strong Workforce Program. This program builds upon federal

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) funds and provides

access to more regionally aligned, career technical education and workforce

development programs/courses. It will also strengthen programmatic collaboration

among workforce investment boards, CCCs, local education agencies, and county

human services agency employment and workforce development programs. These

efforts promote greater employment opportunities and earnings potential for

participating students.

Adult Education Block Grant Program — This program coordinates representatives

from local educational agencies, community colleges, and other regional education,

workforce, and industry partners to promote the educational opportunities offered

to students and adult learners. Through this program, students and adult learners

can access courses to complete their high school diplomas or general education

equivalent, English as a Second Language courses, and pathways courses that


lead to additional career opportunities. The Budget includes $500 million ongoing

Proposition 98 General Fund to support the Adult Education Block Grant Program.

Apprenticeship Programs — There are over 265 apprenticeship programs sponsored

by local educational agencies, community colleges, and the Labor and Workforce

Development Agency’s (Labor Agency) Employment Training Panel which support

training to approximately 74,000 apprentices. These programs offer interested

Californians a clear pathway to obtain classroom instruction and on‑the‑job training

skills leading to gainful employment, while also providing California businesses with

well‑trained employees. The Budget includes $54.9 million ongoing Proposition 98

General Fund and approximately $13 million Employment Training Fund for

apprenticeship programs.

Economic and Workforce Development Program — This program provides funding

for targeted investments in economic and workforce development, focusing on

priority and emergent industry sectors, providing short‑term grants to support

industry‑driven regional education and training. The Budget includes $22.9 million

ongoing Proposition 98 General Fund to support this program.

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