Sunday, March 4, 2018

Immigrant Integration - Make It Part of AEBG

Immigrant integration! What do you know about it?

How do you talk about it? Where and how is it discussed in your consortium? Is it integrated into your consortium's plans for the future?

Are you including immigrant voices in your discussion of and planning for? Are you including adult learner voices in your discussion of and planning for?

These are pivotal questions as we continue to shape and refine the new form that Adult Education is taking post catastrophic cuts and closures and into the narrowed mission, workforce-focused Regional Consortia system. 

Is the new form okay?  Does it need tweaking?  Now - in budget season and while there is money to spend - is the time to look at what we have and where it can be improved to better serve the people of California.

Thank you to Bob Harper and Usha Narayanan - who presented on this topic at the CCAE Bay Conference on Saturday, March 3rd in the "ALLIES and the Immigrant Integration Framework" workshop.

To better understand the idea of immigrant integration, why it's valuable, and how it can become a powerful and empowering part of our work as consortia, check out this excellent slideshow created by Bob Harper, Ilse Pollet and Pat Rickard.

Click on this link to see the slideshow:  

(Or scroll through the small but better than nothing screen shots of the slide show (below) - screenshot because the slide show is a pdf and jpg's are what are needed for images on Blogger.)

Important Note: 
Incorporating immigrant integration metrics into the Adult Ed Block Grant is one of CCAE's asks of the Legislature and Governor Brown in this budget season. Learn more about CCAE's legislative and advocacy work here:

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