Saturday, May 19, 2018

CCAE: Contact Your Legislators!

CCAE is the California Council of Adult Education.  It is the only organization that includes students, staff, teachers, administrators, and community members.

California is the fifth largest economy in the world.  It has a lot of money.  Adult Education and Adult Schools do not have enough money.

Now is the time to ask legislators - the people we choose to represent us - to spend our taxes on Adult Education and Adult Schools.

Here is info from CCAE:

Contact Your Legislators

As you may know, on Friday the Governor released his May Revise Budget proposal for FY 18-19.  We are pleased to report and strongly support the package which continues to include a COLA for adult education, provide language to cap the indirect rate districts can charge back to adult schools, and provide an extra year for development of consortia three-year plans.  Unfortunately, the Administration and Department of Finance (DOF) opted not to include the remaining priorities the adult education field strongly advocated for so as to continue to move adult education forward under the Adult Education Block Grant.
While not included in the Governor's May Revise, we still have the opportunity to affect the outcome of the final budget.  In this regard, we strongly urge all teachers, classified staff, students, administrators, family, friends, and other supportive individuals to send an email to your respective Senator and Assemblymember urging them to voice the need for 1) additional funding for adult education, 2) inclusion of immigrant integration metrics in the AEBG, and to 3) change the term "Grant" in the Adult Education Block Grant.

Click the link and scroll down to "Send an Email."

Additionally, we strongly urge you to also call your respective Senator and Assemblymember's Sacramento and District offices urging them to let the Budget Committees know that their community and constituents strongly support more funding to support adult education and the beneficial, life-changing impact it has on our students and their families.

Click the link and scroll down to "Make a Phone Call" to access your state representative's office numbers.

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