Monday, April 29, 2019

Contact Key Legislators to Ask for Increase in Funds for Adult Education

California is one of the biggest and strongest economies in the world - but funding for Adult Education still lags behind the funding it received prior to the global financial crash of 2008-09.  

For more on that topic and why now is the moment to ask for adequate funding, go here.
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This is the moment.

Gather together with students, staff and community members.

Reach out to key legislators who sit on the Budget Subcommittees and to the Chairs of the Budget Committees to ensure they understand the importance of adequately funding Adult Education. 

Tell them why it is so important to fund Adult Education - what it does - and what it can do with adequate funding.

Here is a list of legislators important to contact.  Click on the link to find their contact information.  Send letters to their Sacramento office if you don't live or work in their district.

Senator Holly Mitchell, Senate Budget Committee Chair

Senator Jim Nielsen, Senate Budget Committee Vice Chair

Senate Budget Subcommittee #1 on Education
Senator Richard Roth (Chair), Senator Connie Leyva and Senator Mike Morrell


Assembly member Phil Ting, Assembly Budget Committee Chair

Assembly member Jay Obernolte, Assembly Budget Committee Vice Chair

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