Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CCAE Membership Drive

This week our school  - San Mateo Adult School -

is having a membership drive for


1.        It’s the only organization that includes EVERYONE  - students, staff, teachers, administrators, retired staff, friends, admirers, EVERYONE who cares about Adult Ed.  Remember, there’s more power in a hand than a finger! 

2.       It’s doing great work.  CCAE has hired lobbyist Dawn Koepke and as our Assistant Director Tim Doyle and others will tell you, she’s doing a bang-up job in Sacramento of getting our message across.

3.       Different rates for different folks.  Work full-time?  Part-time?   A student?  CCAE has a different rates for everyone.  Students and friends of Adult Ed are just twenty dollars!   Classified staff who work full time are thirty bucks and part time classified rate is twenty.  Teachers who work twenty one or more hours are seventy five dollars, those who work eleven to twenty hours are sixty, and ten hours or less are thirty. 

4.       With a membership, you have access to benefits

• Dental Plan 
• Hearing Service  
• Legal Plan  
• Long Term Care   
• Medicare Supplement
• Prescription Discount Plan    
• Vision Services    
• Discounts Galore

For more information visit:

5.       It’s really do or die time for Adult Ed.  Everything we do matters.   CCAE is doing a great job of standing up for Adult Ed in Sacramento, creating publicity for Adult Ed, and on top of all that, provides networking opportunities and benefits.   If we can pitch in to help their efforts while getting a little something for ourselves (more than a little something), that's a darn good deal.

Win-win - isn't that what community is all about?

We recommend you have a membership drive at your school, too. 
       For more information on how to do that, contact CCAE:

      Phone: 888-542-2231
      Fax: 866-941-5129

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