Friday, July 27, 2012

Check-in from Cynthia

A quick post to say that out Summer Break has started and I will be posting less on this blog while camping, reconnecting with friends and family, and enjoying the parts of life that are untouched by budget cuts. 

But!  What is happening in Adult Ed and all public ed - the cuts, the reframing, the privatization - this continues.

So... while I take a bit of a break, I hope that some of you will step in to contribute your ideas, facts, strategies, and perspectives.

Please send any of the above to and when I do check in (as I will from time to time), I'll post the good stuff here.

This crisis in public and adult education affects millions and millions of people. 

We will only see it through to a rebirth of public education if we, as a group, choose to do that.

And our choices are revealed through our actions.

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