Saturday, August 11, 2012

Save City College of San Francisco Campaign

As we know, City College of San Francisco, a community college, is in a difficult situation, facing the same budget cuts all schools can expect if Prop 30 doesn't pass, as well as facing possible loss of accreditation.

Both these challenges affect thousands, both directly and indirectly.

And both these challenges affect Adult Education because in San Francisco, Adult Education is run by City College as their Non-Credit Program.

City College is the largest college in California.  What happens in these next few months, concerning both the accreditation issue and further budget cuts, is of great importance to all Californians.

It is similar to when the Adult Education program in Los Angeles, the largest such program in California, faced complete devastation.

What happens to these large programs matters to all of us and sets a tone for how things may be handled in places that are smaller in number but no less important on a human scale. 

Thanks to Teacher Bruce for providing us with following information about the Save City College of San Francisco from the 1% Campaign.

Save City College from the 1% Campaign1. On opening day, August 15, at CCSF,
10 am to the evening, join the students and community to spread information thru teach-ins, speak outs, rallies, music, informational pickets & tabling about accreditation, austerity/budget cuts, privatization, Parcel Tax, etc.
50 Phelan Ave, Ocean Campus three blocks from Balboa Park BART station, or any of the 9 campuses that you wish to outreach at during welcome week.

2. At the Occupy Forum Monday August 13 at 6 pm, learn; discuss; get materials
Education Under Attack
:  3543 18th Street, S.F. near Valencia and Guerrero.

3. Help with final details & receive materials at the Occupy Action Council Sunday 2 pm at 209 Golden Gate at Leavenworth, Local 2, near Civic Center BART or

4. Or sign-up with the CCSF Associated Students to host an event:

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