Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Linking Up

The election is November 6, 2012.

67 days from now.

In that time we need to communicate to people that

Adult Education matters


We need to vote Yes on Prop 30.

Here at the San Mateo Adult School, we have created bumper stickers

and the Teachers' Union has created t-shirts

We have also started the video project at

Work needs to be one on that - but at least the website has been started.

We have started a listserve -

EVERYONE is welcome to join and use this listserve to share information, ideas, articles, events, etc.

At City College, they have started a blog,

Los Angeles and other Adult Schools have started blogs:

All these ideas and methods can be shared, built on, and linked up.

If you would like to link up to anything that we at the San Mateo Adult School is doing, please contact us. 

Just leave a comment here on the blog or message me through the San Mateo Adult School Facebook page.

And if you have ideas, projects, blogs, websites to share or link to, most definitely let us know about them.

I will post them here so we can all link to them.

Many of us care.

Many of us know how important this election and these ideas are.

Working together, we can accomplish a lot.

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