Monday, August 27, 2012

The Cracks Deepen - More on CCSF

This post focused on a bit from the Politics Blog of the San Francisco Bay Guardian:  "City College Board Takes It's First Step Toward Scaling Back Its Mission."

I have temporarily removed this post because the new Mission Statement for City College is still in debate.  The Board will vote on it in September. 
According to the bit from the Politics Blog, they removed many of the programs which are the Adult Education programs - GED, High School Diploma, Disabled Adults, Older Adults, while retaining non-credit ESL (which is also an Adult Education program).

But a comment on the Politics Blog says that Transitional Studies (GED) was reinstated.

What I can say with confidence is:

The Mother Ship - CCSF - is in trouble.

And what is being slashed during this crisis is the Adult Education programs.

To explain again:

In California, Adult Education is tied to either High School Districts or Community College Districts.

After "flexibility" started four years ago, districts could do what they needed or wanted to do with funds marked for categoricals - which included Adult Education programs.

Education, as you know, is in crisis.

High School Districts were struggling for funds so they cut or eliminated Adult Education programs, so that they could use their "categorical money" to serve their high school students.  Makes sense.  Just doesn't really make sense in the big picture because those high school students are being raised by people who sometimes need Adult Education.  And some of those high school students won't complete high school.   And then they'll need GED or High School Diploma or Job Skills programs, all of which are Adult Education programs.

Meanwhile, the Adult Education programs tied to Community College Districts, such as in San Francisco, fared better.

Until now.

Now, they, too are in trouble.

And to again explain:  Adult Education at Community Colleges is called "non-credit."

Yes, it's confusing, isn't it?

All that confusion makes it easier to unravel the basket that supports the people of California.

If anyone out there has clear information on just what exactly the new Mission Statement of City College contains, please comment here on this blog, so that I can get that information out to people.

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