Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prop 30 Passed!

This is the short version.

Prop 30 passed!!!

No trigger cuts!!!

Today's a day for celebration!

I was about to add "for those who value public education" when I thought... no, it's a day of celebration for everyone because public education benefits EVERYONE.


Edsource article on Prop 30 win, analyzing how and why.

SF Chronicle article on Prop 30 win.

LA Times article on Prop 30 win.

And... it appears that Dems will most likely have a supermajority in the State House.  This will change things up where the budget is concerned.  Traditionally, a big part of the struggle about education has been how to pay for it.  Republicans resist an increase in taxes to fund education.  They will not be able to stonewall now.  On the other hand, Gov. Brown has said he will only increase taxes if the people vote for it. 

Of course...  EVERYONE in the State House could work TOGETHER to find a way to fund, support and improve public education.  A good idea considering public education benefits EVERYONE, not just Democrats. 

And not just Democrats value it, either. 

Working together is hard but valuable.

Let's do it.

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