Thursday, November 29, 2012

Federal Funding At Risk: Letters Needed

This blog has focused primarily on the challenge of adequate state funding  - but federal funding is also at issue and at risk.

More on this later, for now, here is information about letters needed immediately.

Help Stop Devastating Federal Education Budget Cuts
Please Send Your Letter to California's Congressional Members Today
The risk is real. Unless Congress takes action before January 1, 2013, California will lose more than 8.2% in federal funding for education programs across the board. No programs is sacred. Cuts will occur in every single program from Pre-K to postsecondary education. Title I, Special Education, Impact Aid, Carl Perkins and many more programs will receive an automatic 8.2% cut within the next California fiscal year (2013-2014) unless Congress reverses course on the Budget Control Act.
This week members of Congress will be debating how to address tax cuts and sequestration before reaching the so called "fiscal cliff."
Click here to view a sample letter and ACSA's letter to Congress. Please take the time to share how a 8.2% cut will impact your students.
Send a personalized letter today by clicking here

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