Monday, December 3, 2012

CCAE Double Winners!

We all know CCAE is our best advocate in Sacramento.

Membership is a big win-win because it means they've got more numbers behind them and you've got the benefits and info they offer.

And now it's a win-win-win because in this holiday season, you can give someone a membership at just the half the normal price.

And bargain hunter that I am, I'm thinking, work it out with a friend and you both end up members but at half the price.

Now does that work out to yet another win-win or is that a

You decide.

Here's the info:

Price to Join:

Students and friends of Adult Ed are just 20 bucks for the year!  (That's just TEN BUCKS now!)

Teachers are range from $30 to $75 a year, depending on how many hours they work.
(What's half of that with the special deal? 
Work it out, Teachers!)

Classified Personnel (Staff) are 20 to 30, again
depending on hours (Do the math for half!)

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