Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Adult Ed Needs A Seat At The Table

In mid-January, Gov. Brown will announce the new State Budget and presumably, some version of WSF - Weighted Student Formula.

Funds will be served.

We need some, too.

Adult Ed, as brought home by the Legislative Analyst's Office's report, does much good. 

Adult Ed supports parents of k-12 students (the best predictor of child school success is mother's education level); provides job training; enables immigrants to learn English, participate in US civic life, and become citizens; assists the millions of Californians who need a GED or High School diploma to get one; supplies disabled adults and their families with a means to maintain and increase the highest functioning possible; and empowers seniors to maintain and improve physical, emotional and cognitive health, lessening healthcare costs to the state, and increasing the good seniors do for the community. 

Adult Ed builds, maintains, and strengthens the economic, academic, civc and familial grids which charge our lives.

In other words, Adult Education matters. 

And because Adult Education matters, having a seat at the table when the money is handed out matters.

Do Gov. Brown and our State Legislators know that?

To make sure they do, we're delivering reminders that Adult Needs A Seat The Table.

Staff, students, and community members are using paper plates to deliver the message that Adult Ed needs a seat at the table when the funds are handed out.

Want to join in?

If you're local, stop by the San Mateo Adult School at 789 E. Poplar Ave and step into the big red building - that's the SMART Center.  Plates and pens are at the ready.

If you're not local, start your own campaign at your own Adult School.

It's easy.

1.  Buy paper plates cheaply at Costco, Smart n Final, Big Lots, or similar.
2.  Write messages on the plates.
3.  Deliver your plates to your local legislators' offices in January or make the trip to Sacramento, as we plan to.

4.  Remind your legislators that the Legislative Analyst Office's report asserts the value of Adult Education and calls for a designated funding stream for Adult Ed.  Include a link to the 7 minute video.

Exactly how the budget will divide up funds, we don't know.

Exactly what is the best way to manage and deliver Adult Education in the future, we don't know.

But we know Adult Education matters.

We know funding matters.

And we know that when the funding is served, we need a seat at the table.

Let's make sure Gov. Brown and the Legislature knows it, too.

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