Thursday, October 24, 2013

Perspective: ESL Student Elsa Teixeira

Elsa Teixeira is a student in the ESL Writing Intensive Class, taught by Mary Peros.

The Writing Intensive is a special class designed to prepare students for Community College classes, TOEFL exams, and workforce readiness.

Elsa shares her perspective on Adult Education - its value not just to Adult Ed students but to the entire state of California.  Thank you, Elsa, for expressing this so well in your essay and in your success as a student at San Mateo Adult School.

Adult Education Matters

The United States is a country made of immigrants.  California itself is such a special place for the mix of cultures and tolerance.  Adult school welcomes us, people from all over the world, in a wonderful and caring environment.  it is different than any other school and that should be more advertised.  It helps us integrate and be more confident people, it helps us to better educate our children, all of this at our own pace.  Adult Schools have a specific role in American society and for that they deserve to have their own funding.

Some people came to the United States searching for a better life, others for job opportunities or even others just following their sons or daughters.  It doesn't matter what age or nationality.  People of all ages, all cultures find a place here to express themselves without being afraid of judgement for the mistakes they make or even for the different ideas they might have.  That makes us more confident and productive people.  There is no other school like Adult School, that can provide people a learning environment with a demanding program, but at the same time a level of understanding about people's different lives and schedules.  It's a place where people are happy to learn, happy to come to school and not afraid of being judged for being absent.  We know we can always come back.

Adult education is an investment in people's future, but also in the state of California's future.  It is a fact that better educated parents can provide better education to their children.  Educated adults can find better jobs and help their children every day with homework and other school assignments so they have better chances of being successful students.  I am sure that politically speaking, providing more funds to K-12 public schools is a much more popular political measure, but have you ever considered that more educated parents can help their children and actually save K-12 school's funds?

It is really important that not only Governor Brown but all American learn what Adult Education is and what role these schools represent in American society.  It is a really unique environment and for many the only chance of learning.  Such a special place must be preserved and supported.  We all need to do our share.


  1. Perceptive, sensitive reaction to the special opportunity adult education provides to the immigrant community.

  2. I agree with the sense of purpose of adult education programs. How do we balance the need for these types of developmental education programs in a era of decreased funding?

  3. I agree with the goals of adult education. How do we balance this need in times of decreasing resources?