Thursday, April 25, 2013

Letters from the SMAS ALLIES Writing Class in Support of K12 Adult Schools & Designated Funding

The San Mateo Adult School, as a participant in the ALLIES program, works to prepare ESL students for Community College classes.

The following letters in support of Adult Education, K12 Adult Schools, and Designated Funding
were written by ESL students in the Writing Intensive class, which is part of the ALLIES program.

They were written to Assemblyman Ting and they were delivered in person by Hitomi, Marina, Iglika, and Natasha on Leg Day, April 17th, 2013.

There were shared with permission by the authors.

Prepare to be impressed.

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April 15, 2013

Dear Assemblyman Ting,

Adult School is very important for people from other countries because it gives us many opportunities to study English to move forward in education.  Moreover, we will be able to get a better job allowing us to give back to society what it has given to us.

 For example, when we get GED classes, we will be able to move on with our lives, getting a job.  Furthermore, adult schools give us computer skills, job searching skills, and how to be a citizen of the United States, which means we can exercise our rights as citizens.

Once we get education, we'll find a better job and will support our families and give them a better environment in our communities.  Adult school gives opportunities to immigrants to be active in our society.

 Thank you for your support and consideration with adult schools.  We really appreciate your cooperation. 


Mikiko Ohara

Daniela Gonzalez

San Mateo Adult School students.

April, 15 2013

Dear Assembly Ting,

We are writing to explain our feeling about adult education.  We are San Mateo Adult School students.  We have been studying English here for a year and we really appreciate for the school because the adult school has taught us not only English, but also how to live in American society.

The adult school helps us to teach our children who will be members of our society in the future.  For example, our children and I studied the same subject, so I could help them successfully.  Besides that, we also inspired our children to study by being their good models.  They learned from us how important the education is and why they have to study.  We can say that our school gives our children opportunities to learn many things indirectly.

Moreover, the adult school provides many useful classes, such as the citizenship, high school diploma and job searching classes so that we get a lot of benefits from studying here.

Please help our school to have our funding stream.  We really need our adult school. Thank you for reading our letter.


Soo Hyun Kim

Piyawadee Raksasil


April 15, 2013

Dear Assemblyman Ting,

I am writing this letter because we need Adult Education and it needs funding stream.

Without Adult Education, how could adults be educated and teach their children once the parents' age become over 18 years old ?  No other country is like the U.S, the most globally diverse country in the world.  I believe that giving everyone a chance to adapt to the U.S is one of the biggest parts in order to build our country and keep progressing.

Now senior population is getting larger and larger.  They aren't retired from the society.  Adult Education encourages those people to join our community and find a better life.  In addition, learning keeps them healthy both mentally and physically.

If we have our own funding, we can make better programs and keep improving the curriculum.  We know what kind of classes we really need.  We do contribute our society.

I appreciate the chance to write a letter to you.  Thank you for reading.  I really hope you can give us more Adult Education.


Sayuri Yamada


April 15, 2013

Dear Assemblyman Ting,

Adult Education is vital and fundamental for the development and growth of California.

It can provide efficiency in different ways, not only for the people, but also for the state.  When you help a person to accomplish a goal, such as, go to college, get the GED, find a job, take the citizenship preparation course, help their kids with their homework, among many others individuals goals, you are not only helping the person, but also the state.  A better educated state has more development opportunities, more tolerance and understanding of cultures,  and even less crime.

Because of this, it is crucial that Adult Schools need to get their own funding stream.  They can provide more classes and have more independence and freedom to support the community in the way they need it.  Also they can be fiscally responsible and have accountability for their own decisions.

The Adult School and we, as students, really appreciate your time and consideration of this cause.


Leonardo & Ornela


April 15, 2013

Dear Assemblyman Ting,

Adult education is important and needs its own funding stream.  Adult schools affect thousands of immigrant's families because they need English to function,  Parents must help their children at home with their studying and be models for them as they learn, too.  When parents study English, they feel more confident and powerful, so they can help their children and earn their children's respect.

Adult school shouldn't struggle in funding and should be fiscally responsible about its money because it will have ability in providing more classes for GED students and create more teaching jobs.  Citizenship classes are the pathway for immigrants to accomplish their citizenship.  The adult school builds tolerance and understanding among diverse cultures which helps the students better their communities.

We put our trust in you to be able to make the right decision.  Thank you for your consideration.


Wafa and Marina


April 4, 2013

Dear Assemblyman Ting,

We are students of the Adult School of San Mateo and we are writing this letter in support of a proposition to return funding stream.  Presently, more and more adult schools due to financial restrictions are closing their doors to adults who need education.  We need to stop it.

Adult schools offer an affordable education to adults by way of offering various classes, such as, ESL, Citizenship, Job Search, etc. that help people better integrate into the community and American society.  By educating the adults, the Adult school also helps to educate their children.  Furthermore, the Adult school provides a place for cultural diversity and tolerance among the people and helps them better to prepare for future citizenship.

The return of the funding stream to the Adult School will make it more fiscally responsible and accountable.  It will also allow better planning and wise spending of available funds.

The direct funding will assure that the Adult school will continue to keep its door open for the local communities and provide much needed education for the adults.  For us personally it would give a chance to continue learning English and integrate into the society.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Elsa Teixeira & Kateryna Davydova


April 15, 2013

Dear Assemblyman Ting,

I'm writing to you this letter because I think Adult School is a necessity of my life, and it needs its own funding stream.  During the last 5 years, many Adult Schools have closed.  This will become a very serious problem of the United States.  Our Adult School is a very great system of education.  For example, Job Research Class, High School Diploma, Citizenship Course, and Writing Intensive Course and English as a second language course.  These are very important for an immigrant's life. 

There are many seniors who moved from their own country and want to learn English very seriously because seniors want to communicate with their grandchildren by English.  Grandchildren can speak English as their first language.  Speaking English is the key to communicate with their families and society.

One of my friends, he came to the United States when he was a very small child.  After that some family matters made him stay here.  He didn't know what to do.  And he realized his situation has no hope to the future.  He’s been struggling with his situation still now.  Despite of his situation, he studies very hard and he almost gets High School Diploma.  Please do not take his future away.  Please give him a chance to get a better life.

I am studying English every day to come to school because I want to get a better job and want to get a better future.  This country gives us a lot of chances to improve our life and our future.

I love to live here until my life is finished.  So keep giving us a chance to spend immigrant life normally.

Thank you for your consideration.



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