Monday, April 15, 2013

Standing Up, Speaking Up, Shooting Up

Just as a grove of aspen grows, sending up new shoots from roots traveling underground, more and more Adult School communities are standing up and speaking up, with new petitions, actions, websites, videos, and social media activity.

Hit the "read more" link to see what people are doing around the state.

Thanks to A4CAS - the Alliance for California Adult Schools on Facebook - we have a new and easy place to instantly connect, learn from and support each other.

We'll be doing more of that this week, as well, at the CCAE State Conference on April 19th and 20th in Sacramento.

And Wednesday, April 17th, many Adult Schools will be sending administrators, teachers and students to the CCAE - CCAAE Leg Day in Sacramento.

Here is a sampling of the latest courage shown by Adult Education communities around our state:

Save the Azusa Adult School website

Save the Azusa Adult School petition

A4CAS update with Monty Lish's letter about what happened in Sweetwater

Save Adult Schools video with Monty Lish - about Sweetwater and situation across the state

Rally for Sweetwater Adult Education programs

Fairfield Suisun Adult School's Luminaria to raise awareness of Adult Education's value and crisis

Suspicious Minds video

In addition to working from the ground up and thriving even after fire, there is one more cool  connection between Adult Schools and aspens - both are great habitat for butterflies.

Please continue to sign and share the Rebuild Adult Education petition.

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