Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Regarding Congress: We Have Work To Do

Thanks to Support Adult Basic Education in Arizona for this update:

A joint committee of the Congress, House of Representatives and Senate, came together to recommend Omnibus Appropriations that include Adult Ba...sic and Literacy Education State Grants, as well as all 12 regular appropriations bills for fiscal year 2014. The process allowed every program to be weighed individually and prioritized, with funding targeted to the most important and effective programs while lower-priority programs were reduced.

How did adult education fare? If approved by the House, Senate and signed by the President, adult education would be level funded at the FY 13 sequestration level - that is the same as the current, revised level for 041 and EL/Civics. In FY 12, the federal appropriation was $594,993,000; in FY 13, the appropriation was $563,955,000; and the FY 13 amount is what is being recommended. It is important to note that the committee could have chosen to increase our funding, as they did with HeadStart, or reduce our funding even more. Their decision to provide level funding means that WE HAVE NOT convinced our federal legislators that what we do is critical to economic development or K-12 education.
We continue to have work to do!


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