Sunday, July 13, 2014

Light at the End of the Tunnel: Marco's Report from the ACCEL Partners Meeting

Report from San Mateo Adult School ESL Student Council President Marco:
On Thursday July 10th, the ACCEL planning committee and consortium partners took part in a very important meeting. 
The headquarter was the San Mateo Adult School, to be more specific it was in The Smart Center. 
Waoo!  That was like bringing "The All Star players" all under the same roof, which makes sense.
More than a game was about to begin. The future of Adult Education and the way it'll be delivered for the next years to come is in process. 
Unexpectedly, some students were invited, including myself.  For me, it was like a reward for the hard work our student council has been doing the last years, promoting Adult Education. 
It was a great opportunity to let them know our needs and  goals.  A few of us did it.  One of the organizers asked me if l was involved in the survey that was done in our school, and she kindly thanked me for that. She said they will take a look at it.
I'd like to mention that including us in this planning would be very helpful.  I mean, what would be better than hear directly from us, the people they are trying to serve.
Our future depend on this planning we need to know what it is going on. 
Last year I attended The Town Hall meeting in Oakland, California.  It was about the  AB86, which for me was like entering into a dark tunnel that nobody knew what was at the other end.  After this RC meeting, I could see some light  and hope at the end of that tunnel. 
However, I still have unanswered questions. For example, will students without legal documents be excluded?  Will there be an age limit??
Overall, the meeting was  full of useful information, which definitely will help us to consider our opinions. 
Special thanks to all participants, for planning and working from the heart to make Adult Education even better. 
Student Council President Marco

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