Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Update on Berkeley Adult School

The long term fate of Berkeley Adult School, whether or not it will remain in place, share space with a new Elementary School or REALM Charter School, move to a new location, or be decentralized into several different locations, remains uncertain.   For back story on this situation, go here.

At the Feb 24th, Wednesday meeting of the BUSD School Board, there are two agenda items that may relate to this situation:

Enrollment/Capacity Update and Potential Action (Action Item #1)

Facilities Plan Update (Information Item #1).

Public input is welcome, wanted, and needed at this meeting.

Remember:  While we in the United States have created a system where public education is to tied to property taxes, public education belongs to the public - because all of us depend on its outcome - not just those who own property.  That is why Governor Brown asked the public to vote for Prop 30, a special tax just for education, and why all of us are paying that tax, whether or not we own property, have children, attend school, or plan to attend school in the future.

The children or adults who could one day discover solutions to economic, medical and Climate Change challenges, may or may not be property owners or the children of property owners.  We need everyone to be educated, able to contribute their gifts to the greatest degree possible, able to communicate with others in English, and healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

More than ever, our future depends on the wellness of the whole.

More info on the BUSD Board Meeting:

All Regular Business Meetings convene at approximately 7:30 PM, unless otherwise noted.
All Study Sessions convene at 6:30 PM.
Location: All Regular Business Meetings and Study Sessions of the School Board are held in the Board Room at 1231 Addison St., unless otherwise noted on the meeting agenda.
Parking: Ample parking is available in the large lot on Browning St. just beyond where Addison and Browning Streets intersect.
Berkeley School Board Meetings are televised on local cable channel 33!
You can view them live on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. on meeting nights, or when the meeting is rebroadcast the following Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. All televised board meetings are available on Vimeo.com by Board Item, and can be easily accessed in the Board Updates posted on the far right column below.
Meetings agendas are available on the Friday before the meeting. Just bookmark this page so that you can keep informed about items to be discussed as well as special School Board presentations and discussions.

Board Meeting Information

Upcoming Meetings:
  • February 25 (includes additional spec mtg)

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