Friday, March 20, 2015

March 24th Assembly Budget Sub Committee 2 Hearing on Adult Education

Tuesday, March 24th at 9 am in Room 444 in the State Capitol building, Assembly Budget Sub Committee 2 (Education Finance) will meet to look at the money aspect of Adult Education.

Needless to say, that's important.

Committee Members are:

Assembly Member Kevin McCarty, Chair

AM  Rocky Chavez - Rep     
     AM Chavez was at the Jan 29th, 2014 Oversight Hearing on Adult Ed and spoke about the need not to ask schools to do too much all at once as we move through these many reforms in Public Ed.

AM  Young O. Kim - Rep    
     AM Kim represents an area that includes the North Orange County Regional Consortia
AM  Patrick O' Donnell - Dem
     AM O' Donnell taught school for 20 years. "A firm believer in ensuring access to career technical education and vocational opportunities, he helped establish an afterschool digital academy to teach kids valuable media skills they can use in school and the workplace."  - Bio

AM  Phillip Ting - Dem
    "He was also a leader in the successful effort to revolutionize how K-12 schools are funded.  Starting in the fall of 2014, the state will direct more education funding to students confronting social inequities, like poverty or limited English language skills, through what is called the Local Control Funding Formula. " - Bio

AM  Shirley Weber, Alternate - Dem.
     At an August 2014 hearing on SB173, AM Weber's call for more information and a better understanding of the big picture of Adult Education led, in my opinion, to the January 29th, 2014 Oversight Hearing on Adult Education.

AM  Melissa Melendez, Alternate - Rep


(Reminder:  There are 2 players in the Regional Consortia game - the CDE, the Department of Education and the CCC, the California Community College system.

Department of Education
California Community Colleges
Issue 1  Adult Education
Issue 2  Education Mandates
Department of Education
Issue 3 CTE Incentive Grant
California Community Colleges
Issue 4 CTE Pathways Initiative
Issue 5 Apprenticeship

Because March 24th is also CCAE Leg Day, the hearing room may be packed with folks who care deeply about Adult Education, knowing just how much good it does and how much it is needed.

Get there early.

And get your red on because it's a Tuesday!

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