Sunday, March 15, 2015

Video of the March 11th Joint Legislative Informational Hearing on Adult Education: Moving Forward

The video of Wednesday's Joint Legislative Informational Hearing on Adult Education: Moving Forward is available on The California Channel.   Click here to go right to the video.

This was an informational hearing. In other words, no one voted on anything. It was a sort of check-in on the whole AB86 process.  Folks checked in to report what is happening in the whole mighty, messy, complicated everyone come together under the big tent Regional Consortia Creation Game.  The legislature needs to know what is happening and how things are going and whether or not people are being served or will be served or won't be served because the Legislature will be voting on these matters in future when it votes on a budget. 

I highly recommend that you watch or listen to it as you chop vegetables, fold laundry, flea-comb your cat, or perform some similar task which enables you to listen while you work.

It is a long, meaty hearing full of information about what is happening, what people think, what people know, what people think they know but actually don't, what people want to know, what people need to know, and lots of other stuff all leading us to gaps in understanding that need to be filled.

People, by the way, refers to everyone.  It refers to we, the people.  And it refers to the people that we, the people, elect to represent us at the decision making table.

Best quote from the hearing came from San Mateo Adult School Director Larry Teshara:
"While our colleagues are looking for dessert, we're looking for dinner."

Public comments begin at 2:43 and include:
Commissioner Irma Beserra Núñez (Los Angeles)
George Porter (Berkeley)
Kristen Pursley (West Contra Costa)
Wendy Plew (CTA)

Watch or listen to the hearing at  The California Channel - Recent Archive 

Look for: 

March 11, 2015 Joint Legislative Informational Hearing on Adult Education:  Moving Forward

2 hours and 58 minutes
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