Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CCAE Recommends: Maintain Relationships With Your Elected Representatives

In order to do their job, elected representatives need to hear from us.  After all, how can they represent us, if they don't know who we are, what we do, and what we need?  CCAE reminds us to help them help us by meeting with them during their August recess.

From CCAE Legislative News:

Dear CCAE Members,
All members of the US Senate and US House will be on recess during the entire month of August. Most of them will be back home meeting with constituents. While the summer is not the best time for us to organize visits with them the recess does provide a great opportunity to have our policy makers meet face to face with students/staff.

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These types of meeting are held in their state offices but are scheduled through their DC office. There is usually one person in each DC office that is in charge of scheduling.
We have found that the most successful meetings with Senators and House members have been made by a team of two local adult education directors and two or three carefully chosen students. The meetings are usually scheduled for about twenty minutes, enough time for each person on the adult education team to make a brief statement and allow the Senator/staff to ask questions.  While the goal of the meeting is to let the policy makers understand the numbers (enrollments, completions, etc.) for the programs represented,  the key is for them to hear the student stories.

Sue Lytle Gilmore
CCAE President, Ph.D.


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