Tuesday, July 7, 2015

VALUE USA - Adult Learner Leadership Conference Scholarships - Apply by July 20

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Thank You to Our Helping Foundations
We would like to take the time to thank our supporting foundations for which most of what we do is because of their generous donations.

A big thank you goes to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation for helping out VALUEUSA and by sponsoring our Susan D. Green Memorial Award Dinner, an annual meeting and award banquet event on Wednesday, August 12 for the upcoming Leadership Institute. Another thank you goes to the Anderson-Rogers Foundation for providing general support enabling the Leadership Institute to continue operating and reach its goals. We appreciate both of their continued support to VALUEUSA.


Limited Free Registrations
We are pleased to announce that we have been granted a scholarship from SMRT Education to provide adult learner students outside of Texas a free registration! This is what SMRT Education has to say:

"SMRT Education stands with the idea that student leadership is an integral part of student success. Conferences such as the one held annually by VALUEUSA, that allow students to set the agenda and facilitate their own professional growth, are the kind of empowering, SEL friendly activities that SMRT Education strongly supports."

This is a limited opportunity to get out-of-state adult learners a free registration for our conference! All you need to do is contact our office by July 20 either by phone or e-mail to let us know that you need a registration. These free registrations are in limited number so the earlier you contact the better.

Our e-mail address and phone number:
(484) 443-8457
Hotel Reservations and Early Registrations
Lastly we want to inform you that Wednesday, July 15 is the final date to get early bird rates for registrations and RSVP a Grand Hyatt hotel room at $115 for a single occupancy. Higher occupancy adds only $25 for person to this price.

Rooms are getting booked quickly and there’s only a few days left before registration prices increase. You can also become a member to save more on registration even after the deadline above.

Registrations are available online and hard copy mail through our website at

You can call the hotel at (888) 421-1442 and let them know you’re with VALUEUSA to get the special rates or reserve online using this link

If you are still considering sponsoring an event or want to help get an adult learner to the conference, you can sponsor by July 31 using this link

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