Monday, September 10, 2012

Educate Yourself

Here are some good articles to bite into.

Thank you, Teacher Bruce, for sending these along.

As Chicago's Teachers Head Toward Strike, Democrats Turn On Their Union, by Teresa Moran.

Slate's review of Jonathon Kozol's latest book, Fire In The Ashes, Twenty Five Years Amongst the Poorest Children in America."

(What do poor kids have to do with Adult Education?  Well, for starters, they usually live with adults.  Often adults who need more education.  Not the mention the fact that when kids drop out of high school they become... that's right... adults who need Adult Education - GED and High School Diploma and Job Training programs.)

From Scott H. Boyd:  The Spread of Neoliberalism in US Community Colleges:  TQM Accreditation, "Consumers," and Corporate Sponsored Non-Profits, p. 42

(Why that one?  Because Adult Ed is partly run through Community College districts, as it is at City College of San Francisco and is known as "non-credit."  Also because something is happening to education...  at community colleges and adult school and all over and we need to pay attention and be sure this is what we want happening.  And if it isn't, we need to speak up and change things to the direction we want it to go.)

Your Call:  The State of Public Higher Education in California.  Radio program.  Click to listen.

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