Monday, September 10, 2012

Special Meeting about CCSF

From Bruce and Susan - and thank you to them for sharing this! - information about a very important Board meeting which may determine the future of Adult Ed at CCSF:

A very important meeting for the future of CCSF and possibly non-credit specifically: 

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012, 6 to 10 pm

At the new Chinatown campus across from Portsmouth Square. 

The definitive Board meeting to limit the mission of City College and hire a special trustee, who may insist on cutting programs.
See event details at link provided by our Associated Students:
After Tuesday it may be too late to have any impact on the mission statement.  
Come early or come late, but come and bring a colleague or two. Or a former student, etc.
CCSF is at a serious crossroads and all need to be at the table in these important discussions.
It's a great opportunity to see trustees and trustee candidates in action, as well as our interim Chancellor, Dr. Fisher,  and to join in informal discussions during the breaks in activities.
The only minor correction is that the entrance to the auditorium is at 628 Washington Street, according to the corrected Board agenda. That must just be around the corner from the 808 Kearney address. Easy access by Montgomery Station BART or parking at Portsmouth Square garage or Hilton Garage. Portsmouth Square is cheaper. Carpooling is excellent for minimizing parking costs and I would think that coming late and leaving late might be a good way to do this. The crowd thins out after a couple of hours but often the real action is just getting rolling.

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