Monday, February 25, 2013

Petition to Save Oakland Adult Ed Program

Oakland Unified School District is talking about flexing the rest of its adult school money and closing its few remaining adult school classes. 
Oakland, even more than many communities, needs Adult Education.

In 2009, Oakland Adult School taught English and basic literacy skills to 25,000 people.

Those 25,000 people didn't go away. 

But most of the classes did. 

And now all of them might.
You can sign a petition in support of Oakland’s Adult School.
But you need to sign it now.

We don't have much time:  Oakland adult school teachers and their supporters need the signatures to take to a school board meeting on Wednesday, February 27

Here is the link to the petition:

And here is a clip of Ana Turetsky, at last summer's press conference, talking about what has happened at Oakland Adult School:

And a video Oakland made last year, as it struggled to survive cuts and continue serving the community.


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