Tuesday, February 26, 2013

T-shirt Power

San Mateo Adult School teachers at the CCAE Bay Section Conference

Looks good, hunh?

Makes a statement, right?

Makes people say, "Hey!  What's your t-shirt say?  What's this Adult Education Matters stuff?
Makes people see you as a group - teachers, students, friends, community.

Makes it easy for the press to spot you at an event such as a press conference or march, or out in the community.

Makes you want one, yeah?

Yeah - there is a lot of power in a t-shirt.  Especially, an Adult Education Matters t-shirt.


Here's how you can get one or some:

1.  If you want one just like ours, you can contact me at cyn.eagleton at gmail.com and I will hook you up

or maybe

2.  You want to order your own slew for your school - pick your own color or use, red, too - pick your own logo or use the same one (free clipart) we chose.  (It's a hand holding a pencil,  by the way)

And... you may be wondering...  what's it say on the back?

Well, on the back of ours, it has the name of our school - San Mateo Adult School - and our union info - AFT - local 4681.

If you are ordering your own, you could put the name of your school, include union or not, perhaps the name of your district or community.

But where did you order them from, you're asking.

I'll tell you.

We got them from Alliance Graphics - www.unionbug.com.

They are a great source - a union shop, no sweatshops, quality stuff.

All at the the cost of 13 bucks each, in male or female cut (which, I can tell you, I appreciate), and all sizes. 
And just think... if all of us who working to save and rebuild Adult Education get and wear these t-shirts... 

think what a statement it will make... 

how easy it will be for your community, the press, and the State Legislature to see

that all across this state Adult Education Matters...

people need it... people want it... 

people are working... to save, rebuild, and provide it...

because people matter.

Supporting the Chicago Teachers
Patricia and David show us the power of a t-shirt

Students buying t-shirts

Shirley knows the power of a positive attitude, education -
and a good t-shirt!

Patricia, Elizabeth, Katherine, & Cynthia - United for Adult Ed

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