Monday, August 19, 2013

Got Perspective?

Public education, including Adult Education, is by, for and of the public (the people)

For that reason, I believe that the public should be part of deciding the future of Adult Education.

To that end, I am doing all I can to provide information about Adult Education

- what is it?
- how did we get here?
- where do we want to go from here?
- what are our options?

and to provide and promote spaces where people can share their ideas, hopes, experience, needs, and desires about Adult Education.

From time to time, I have featured specific "perspective" pieces - students, teachers, administrators sharing their perspectives from their experience.

You can read them here.

If you are interested in sharing your perspective on this blog,

hit the "read more" link to learn more

please leave a comment here or email me at cyn and then a period and then eagleton and then the little sign for at and then gee mail.

Yes, I have to write it that way to avoid spambots.

You can also share your ideas in this short questionnaire about Adult Ed in the future.

The results of the questionnaire will be shared publically.

I am hoping that Assembly Member Weber's idea to have public forums about Adult Education, to really discuss what we as a people need and want so that we "get it right", is put into action all across the state.

And it is a state issue, not a party issue.  Legislators on both sides of the aisle know that Adult Education Matters and are speaking up about its value. 

For example, Assembly Member Rocky Chavez, on the other side of the aisle from Assembly Member Weber, wrote about the value of Adult Education here, and in the Assembly Higher Education Committee Hearing on SB 173, said he wanted to work in a bipartisan way to address concerns about SB 173.

This is especially important now, when we are in the chrysalis, planning for the new Regional Consortia.

As Veronika Delvaux, who helped to save the Azusa Adult School, points out, "I believe this is a unique opportunity for all adult schools to capture the moment and be actively involved in shaping adult education for generations to come."

Assembly Member Weber, thinking along the same lines, said in the Assembly Higher Ed Committee Hearing on SB 173, "Maybe we need to have some public hearings and some forums about Adult Ed... "she said, 'We need to have some conversations about Adult Ed... what our vision is... "

Vision, yes.

How we see things, from what perspective, that shapes everything.

What's yours?

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