Monday, August 12, 2013

What Do You Want For Adult Ed in the Future?

We are in another chrysalis.

In two years, the new Regional Consortia will start up.

Adult Ed will be run by these Consortia.

They will decide what kind of Adult Ed is provided in their areas and who provides it and to whom.

What do we want for this future?

What do you want?

Now is the time to think about this.  To share our ideas. 

And then to share in the work to make it happen.

We know what happens when we don't share in things.  We know what happens when we are too busy, too tired, or just plain unwilling to get involved.

This is our future.

We need to be part of deciding what it looks like, what it feels like, for decades to come.

All of us.  Students, teachers, community members, administrators.  All of us need to be part of this.

All of us know something that is important to share.  

All of us have a piece of the puzzle because we are the puzzle.  We are the future.

The only real question is:  Do we go into it eyes open or eyes closed?

Please take a few minutes to think about what you want for Adult Ed and share your ideas and opinions in this questionnaire - then ask others to share theirs, too.

In this way, we can gather ideas and opinions from around the state so we make a system that serves the whole state.

Thank you.

Here's the questionnaire:

What do you want for Adult Ed in the future?

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