Sunday, August 25, 2013

The National Coalition on Literacy Wants Your Ideas

The National Coalition on Literacy works to advance Adult Eduction, Family Literacy, and ESL in the USA.  They help the public understand the value of these programs and the need for more of them and more money to pay for them.  They make suggestions about public policy about Adult Education, Family Literacy and ESL. They serve as a resource on these issues on a national level.  (More here.)

In other words, on a national level, the NCL collects information about Adult Education, comes up with a vision about how it can be, and then shares that information and vision with Congress, Government Agencies, and the Adult Ed community in order to shape the future of Adult Education.

Now you can be part of that process through this short questionnaire.

Hit the "read more" link to learn more.

In the questionnaire, you can give your feedback on messages that nonprofits can use in an advocacy campaign for adult literacy this fall. 

NCL and its member organizations are developing messages and coordinating a cross-sector response to the October 8 release of the Program for the International Assessment for Adult Competencies (PIAAC) report.  Messages they develop (with your input) will support the theme: “Investing in Adult Education Pays!” Each message will be supported by a fact sheet. Your input will be used to improve the messages and develop the fact sheets.

Theme: Investing in Adult Education Pays! 

…For America’s Workers
…For Global Competitiveness
…For Bridging the Digital Divide
…For Future Generations
…For Educational Attainment
…For Stronger Families
…For Safer and Healthier Communities
…For an Informed Citizenry
…For Fully Integrated Communities

The deadline for filling out the questionnaire is Sept 8.

Public education, including Adult Education, is by, for and of the people.

That means we need to be part of the process of deciding the focus of Adult Education, where and how it's delivered, and what it looks like in the future.

This is a simple way to be part of that.

Please take a few moments to fill out the questionnaire.

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