Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crowdsourcing: The Green Ghost

Update:  October 21, 2013      


The wonderful Crowdsourcing

(I almost wrote Couchsurfing)

little orange button with
the little green lightbulb

is... GONE!

As in Ghostly Boo Halloween Gone! 

The AB86 folks decided they wanted just ONE WAY to get our feedback and it's through the comment button. 

That means you send them an email by clicking here.

And then maybe the answer shows up here.

Here's the old post before that change happened:

Got ideas for the new Regional Consortia?

Need some?

Want to see some?

Check out the cool crowdsourcing feature on the new AB86 website.

Look for the little orange button on the faaaaaaaaaaaaar left of the website.

The one that says "feedback."

Submit an idea.

Hit the "read more" link to learn more.

Now you're part of a community where you can submit ideas, vote on existing ideas and add comments. 

The best ideas bubble to the top.

Pretty cool, hunh?

Check it out!

And hey, what about using Ideascale for your own purposes?

You could set it up for your particular region, asking the stakeholders in your area for their ideas, opinions and comments.

There are a number of price plans available, including a free plan.

Maybe some of your region's planning grant could go toward the cost.

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