Saturday, September 14, 2013

Red for Riverside

Riverside Adult School needs our support.

Photo Credit:  Press Enterprise
In spite of the Maintenance of Effort of Clause put in place by the State Legislature, "The adult school’s $3.6 million budget last year has been slashed to $1.8 million this year. Its staff of 52 full- and part-time employees has been cut to 19 positions." - Press Enterprise

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School board member Tom Hunt has asked that the adult education program be discussed at the Monday, Sept. 16, board meeting.

Let's show Riverside that we have their backs.

On Monday, September 16th, let's wear Red for Riverside.

Let's show Riverside - and everyone all across California - that we know and stand up for the value of Adult Education.  We know how much it's needed and we know what it can do to empower a community to achieve success.

Post photos of yourself, your teachers, your students, your community wearing red and holding up signs of support for Riverside on Facebook.  Change your Facebook profile pic for the day. 

Get the message out there that Adult Education Matters -
in Riverside and everywhere else.

You can email your support of the Riverside Adult School to the Riverside School Board.

We've seen what happens when the community - supported by communities around the state -
stands up for Adult Education.

They turned things around in Oakland.

And they can turn them around in Riverside, too.

But to turn them around, Riverside needs our support.

Because it's not just about Riverside. 

Just like it wasn't just about Oakland.

It's about Adult Education.

In Riverside, Oakland, and all across the state.

To that end, please share this blog with others and ask them to wear

Red for Riverside  Monday, September 16th

Post pics of yourself in Red and/or with a sign of support for Riverside Adult School
on Facebook and other social media. 

You can include a link to the Riverside blogpost or the Press Enterprise article.

You can email your support of Riverside Adult School to the Riverside School Board

and the California Department of Education Adult Education Office:
10 - RIMS: Riverside, San Bernardino
Young, Myra

You can also write a letter to the Editor of the Press Enterprise.

You can also contact your local Legislator to let them know your concern about this issue. 
(If it's happening in Riverside, it could happen elsewhere.  We need a designated, safeguarded funding stream for Adult Education to prevent these problems.)

If you are a resident of Riverside, you can contact your local Riverside area Legislators:

Assembly Member Jose Medina who is a strong supporter of Adult Education and a former Adult School Teacher

State Senator Richard Roth

Students standing up for Adult Education in June 2013
Photo Credit: Press Enterprise

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