Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Regional Consortia: Got Questions?

Me, too.

We can - and should - look for answers.

We can - and should - be part of the process of creating the future of Adult Education.

Here are some resources to help us:

Hit the "read more" link to see them.

The AB86 Website   This is your go-to spot for info on the new Regional Consortia.

     Subscribe to the AB86 newsletter.

     Email a question or comment to the AB86 folks.

The Magic Orange Feedback button.
Look on the veeeeery left of the AB86 website. 
There is an orange "button" that say "feedback."
Click on it to see, vote on, and submit ideas.
That's right, the Regional Consortia just got crowdsourced!
Pretty cool, hunh?
Check it out!

Right about now, you might be wondering, what about the CDE - Tom Torlakson's team?

I'm glad you asked!  Check out:

CDE (California Dept of Ed) Adult Ed Office Field Partnership Team

The Adult Ed Field Team Membership List 2012-14

     These are the folks who are talking about Adult Ed at the CDE.

     I would love to see a student led group like VALUE USA be included on that list.

These next two are not about the Regional Consortia, per se, but you should know about them because they do good work and have a lot to offer:

National Coalition for Literacy  NCL works to advance Adult Ed, Family Literacy and ESL on the national level.  Their website is chockfull of info and resources.

VALUE USA  -  the only national organization run by current and former adult learners. They are an alumni association for Adult Education and English Literacy in the USA.  One of the terrific things they do is hold a National Adult Learner Leadership Conference every year to support and develop leadership in adult learners and alumni.

Finally, this speech puts together why it's so important for us to be involved - at both the local and larger levels.

So jump on in.  Find out what you need to know.

So we can go from this...

What does that mean?
I don't understand!!

to this!

Regional Consortia:  I so understand.

And I'm so ready to participate!

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