Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Information: The First Step to Participation

If we want student, teacher, and community participation in the creation of the best Adult Education delivery system possible - and to get the best Adult Education delivery system, we need it - the first step is providing clear information.

We need to break it down and lay it out in a way that easy to understand.

Here's my attempt to do that on the San Mateo Adult School ESL Student blog:

Part 1:  Our New Regional Consortium:  ACCEL

Part 2:  ACCEL Team Members

Feel free to borrow, adapt, or use any part of it.

The next step is inviting students and the community into the planning and decision making process through Townhalls, surveys, participation in meetings, etc.

United Adult Students accomplished both steps by making sure the community knew about and participated in a Los Angeles Unified School District survey to determine priorities for investing new money for education.

"United Adult Students is proud to have actively participated in getting the word out to students, teachers and the broader community about the survey, as you will recall from the flyer we distributed, as well as  previous posts online."

Read more about their actions here.

Information for and participation by students, teachers, and the community...

Let's do it!

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