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AB86 Summit: Questions & Answers

Monday and Tuesday, October 6 and 7, there will be an Adult Education Regional Planning Summit

All AB86 Adult Education Regional Consortia were invited to send representatives to attend the AB86 Adult Education Regional Planning Summit on Monday, October 6, 10:30AM - 5:00PM and Tuesday, October 7, 8:00AM - 3:00PM at the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento (1230 J Street, Sacramento, CA).

The Summit will bring together Adult Education leaders from across the state to engage in a conversation about how to better serve the educational needs of adults in California.  Summit participants will have a chance to share what they’ve learned during this planning process and to learn of promising practices from their peers. The Summit will also provide an opportunity to contribute to the statewide adult education planning effort and to hear from legislators. Representatives from all 70 adult education regions as well as the State AB86 Work Group and Cabinet will be in attendance at the event.  
All plenary sessions will be live-streamed and recorded so that those who weren’t able to attend in person can listen in on the event.

Click here to see the agenda for a schedule of live streaming times.


There are many questions swirling around the new Regional Consortia system.  This summit is the chance to ask questions and share answers.

Before we think about questions for the summit, let's start with these questions:

* Is your Regional Consortia sending representatives? 

* Who are they sending? 

* How were those representatives chosen?

* Do you know what your representatives hope to do or find out at the summit?  Have you connected with them?  Have your shared your questions and concerns with them?

* Will your representatives share what they learn with you?   Does your Regional Consortia have good communication?  Is there a way you can find out what is happening and then share the information with others?

* If you don't know the answer to any of these questions, what can you do to get some answers?  And how can you improve the situation so there is better communication?

That is one set of important questions.

Now let's look at questions we hope are asked at the summit.

Here are some of my questions and some questions that others have shared with me:

* What - exactly - can AB86 do to ensure good behavior within the Regional Consortia?

* If AB86 (the Cabinet and the Workgroup) can't do much to ensure good behavior, who - exactly - can?

*  Many organizations, entities, and grassroots groups are advocating for Dedicated Funding for K12 Adults to ensure equity in the Regional Consortia.  What power does AB86 have - if any - to address this concern? 

* What can AB86 do - if anything - to address concerns about low-level learner needs being met in the new mission of Adult Education?   These concerns are well articulated by the Migration Policy Institute in this powerpoint.

* Many are not happy with the new mission of Adult Education, which is primarily a CCR - College & Career Readiness approach plus Disabled Adults.  Where can those of us who hope to reinstate state support for a broader mission go to advocate such? 

* State funding vacuums are invitations for privatization.  This quote from an Edsurge article epitomizes that:  "While adult education has long been a “hidden” market, its programs often “shoved off in a corner,” all that seems to be changing, says to Pearson SVP Jason Jordan. “Suddenly it’s becoming a much more interesting marketplace."  How concerned is AB86 about privatization?  What power - if any - does AB86 have to address these concerns.  If AB86 does not have power, who does?

Got more questions?  Send them in an email to cyn and then dot and then eagleton and then the at sign and then gmail and then dot and then com and I'll add them to the list.

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