Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 2014 Webinar And Other Stuff From CCAE To Help Us Cross the Finish Line

Available now on the CCAE website - and right here, too! - information to help us get K12 Adult Schools safely across the budget finish line!

CCAE and CAEAA Webinar about the current (October 2014) situation in Adult Ed

CCAE Adult Ed Budget Funding Proposal

CCAE FY 15-16 Fiscal Structure-Challenges of a Single Funding Stream

CCAE FY 15-16 Allocation Timeline

Friendly reminder: 

     CCAE's Budget Proposal is a proposal to the Governor, not an offer from the Governor.  If you like CCAE's Budget Proposal and think it would serve the people of California, take action to connect with Sacramento.  Tell them why this budget proposal would help stabilize Adult Education and K12 Adult Schools which in turn stabilize our state.

Contact the Governor and the folks on this email list from CCAE.

Pull together a Nascar letter.

CCAE 2015 Leg Day is March 24th
What's a Nascar letter, you ask?  

Well, a Nascar racecar has logos from various companies which want the car to win.

And a Nascar letter for Adult Education is a letter with logos from various organizations - Chambers of Commerce, School Districts, Community Organizations, Parent Teacher Organizations, etc. - which value Adult Education and want it to succeed.

All this info and more can be found on the CCAE Legislative webpage.

Saving and rebuilding Adult Education and K12 Adult Schools for our people -

                                                                                     ready, set, go!

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