Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter to Governor Brown from High School Diploma Student William Gonzalez

Last Tuesday, September 30, "Red Letter Day,"  students all over California wrote letters to Governor Brown to share their experience at San Mateo Adult School, express their support for Adult Education, and advocate for Dedicated Funding for Adult Schools.  

San Mateo Adult School High School Diploma Student William Gonzalez shares his letter here:

Hit the "read more" link to see his letter.

Dear Governor Jerry Brown,

     This letter is in regards towards money for Adult School.  I am currently a student at San Mateo Adult School working on completing my high school diploma.  Coming to Adult School helps me finish and fully understand basic education, something I believe we all need to have accomplished.  For many of us it’s an escape route to a better future, so we won’t end up lost with no hope on the streets.  I have recently learned that education is very powerful and useful in so many ways, upon learning this information I have started preaching on the importance of education.

A new system for Adult Education has been established, the Regional Consortia System.  This system provides money for all Adult Education so that everybody in each individual program receives help that they need and want.  Having these budgets open and equally shared gives everybody a fair opportunity to receive the proper education we want.
We are a small program waving a flag asking for your help to keep our Adult School program open and fully budgeted.  It may not be as important keeping our schools open as oppose to Community Colleges because that’s where most of school budgets are going.  We need our school to continue standing to help myself and others strive for a better future.  We are a small but very powerful program.  This is the prep for so many getting us ready to take that bigger leap to higher education.  The awareness of keeping our school open is based on the importance of equal education opportunities.
What we need and are highly asking for is to keep our School open.  We feel safe and comfortable working here.  Our school is just as important as any other school.  I speak not only for myself but also for the students here at Adult School, investing in our program will be beneficial for mainly us, as well as you, and our community.  We ask of you fair budgeting to keep our school running and in return we give you students with the ambition for a better tomorrow, using knowledge and useful life skills to help the system.

William Gonzalez

Thank you, William, for writing such a wonderful letter and being such a wonderful example of why Adult Education matters.

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