Monday, December 15, 2014

CFT: Adult Educators Facing Uncertain Future

From the December 12 "Inside CFT" e-newsletter:

CFT fights for Adult Educators facing uncertain future

Adult educators across the state face an uncertain future.  The Local Control Funding Formula eliminated funding for adult education, and districts are only required to fund it through the end of this school year.  AB 86 legislation created new structures to fund adult ed in both K-12 and community colleges, but the process currently leaves teachers and students with more questions than answers.  The committees formed to answer those questions excluded educators, staff and students from the beginning.

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After more than a year of lobbying and organizing, the statewide workgroup overseeing this process has finally been expanded to include representatives of teachers and staff.  The workgroup now includes Jack Carroll, a long-time adult educator and CFT member from the Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers.  CFT and our labor partners are actively working with political leaders and staff in Sacramento to advance a set of priorities for adult education, recently crafted by CFT’s Adult Education Commission and adopted by our Executive Council. Over the next several months we expect to engage all of our adult educators in helping ensure that adult education is properly funded to serve the needs of our communities.

Big thanks to CFT for looking out for its members and for pointing out the instability in the situation which of course, affects CFT membership.

But the instability doesn't stop there.  Instability in Adult Education means loss of programs for Adult Learners and ultimately, instability and loss for the state...

because Adult Ed is the fourth leg stabilizing Public Education.

Adult Ed provides the support and education parents need to help K-12 kids succeed.  It's a second chance for the kids who didn't succeed in the K-12 system.  It's a step into higher education for both immigrants and native born residents.  And through it's myriad programs, it builds and strengthens communities, the ultimate key to social and economic health. 

Adult Education benefits everyone.

All the more reason for everyone to pitch in and secure it's future.

CFT, thanks for stepping up to help!


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  1. I really hope that all the problems with funding adult education will be figured out. I really like how the community is helping adults receive their education. In today's world you have to have an education to get a job. My mom actually went back to school to become a nurse, and an adult education program helped her do that.