Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The New AB86 Workgroup

The AB86 website now lists the new members of the Workgroup.

Reminder:  The Work Group does the nitty-gritty work.  The Cabinet is the Big Boss.

What's happening in there?
There was no official announcement about this change.  There was no email sent to those of us on the email list.  There is nothing in their November Newsletter.   There was no explanation or announcement of why or how the change was made.

Perhaps the Cabinet, the "Decider," had very good reasons for making these changes.

They did not choose, however, to share them.

They did not choose transparency.

I find that troubling.

Here, in any case, is the information on the AB86 Website:

AB 86 Work Group

The AB 86 Work Group, established by the AB 86 Cabinet, has twelve members, four representing adult education programs in school districts and four representing adult education programs in community colleges. Four staff members, two from the CCCCO and two from the CDE, are also in the Work group. This Work Group will develop a comprehensive Request for Application to fund planning and implementation grants.

If you have comments or questions for the Work Group, we encourage you to use the orange “feedback” button to the left of the page so that your feedback can be properly reviewed.

Below is a listing of the AB 86 Work Group Members:

John StanskasAcademic Senate for California Community Colleges
Mike ReeseAssociation of California Community College Administrators
Rocky BettarAssociation of California School Administrators
Association of Chief Business Officials*
Cynthia Parulan-ColferCalifornia Adult Education Administration Association 
California Association of School Business Officials*
Rirchard HansenCalifornia Community College Independents 
S. Craig JusticeCalifornia Community Colleges Chief Instructional Officers
Chris NelsonCalifornia Council for Adult Education
Kathy DavisCalifornia Council for Adult Education
California County Superintendents Educational Services Association* 
Jack CarrollCalifornia Federation of Teachers
Teri BurnsCalifornia School Boards Association
Tristan BrownCalifornia School Employees Association
Wendy PlewCalifornia Teachers Association
Bob HarperCampbell Adult and Community Education 
Debra JonesCCCCO Dean, Career Education Practices
Neil KellyCCCCO Specialist, Career Education Practices
Carmen Martinez-CalderonCDE  Coordinated Student Support and Adult Education Division
Shadidi Sai-MaatCDE Coordinated Student Support and Adult Education Division
Lynette NyaggahCommunity College Association
Community College League of California*
Kris FertelFaculty Association of California Community Colleges
Andrea RodriguezLAUSD Division of Adult and Career Education
Candace LeeLAUSD, Division of Adult and Career Education 
Joanne DurkeeMt. Diablo Adult and Career Education 
Donna BurnsMt. San Antonio College 
Greg SchulzNorth Orange County Community College District 
Erica LeblancSanta Monica College 
 United Teachers of Los Angeles*

*This organization has not yet named a participant.

You can read another post on this topic here.

In that post, I describe what some of these organizations do.

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