Thursday, May 21, 2015

Keep the Good News Good

The May Revise is generally good news for Adult Schools.  You can read CCAE's assessment of it here.
Our old frenemies, the Community College system, would like to change some of that good news so that it is "good-er" for them and not us.
See:  Community Colleges Board of Governor's Meeting   Go to 58:35 to 1:00:55
Community Colleges are worried about being "frozen out" of the new Adult Ed Block Grant money.  Take a listen at  58:35 - 1:00:55 to hear what they say about Adult Ed and the new Regional Consortia system funding.   They fear a maintenance of effort in funding for K-12 Adult Ed will "eat up a lot of the funds available" . . .  in other words, they won't be able to access the money.
Reminder:  The Community College system, because it already gets money through apportionment, is worried about dessert, while we are worried about dinner.  (Thanks to San Mateo Adult School Director Larry Teshara for that analogy.)
We need to take action.
"All of this said, it isn't over until it's over - when the Legislature has approved the plan (by June 15th) and the Governor has signed it (by June 30th).  In this regard, I would note the concerns raised by the LAO and the community colleges with regard to the MOE and ongoing base funding provisions of the May Revision.  As voiced as part of the Assembly hearing Monday, they are concerned that the funding would be locked in without flexibility to adjust expenditures in out years unless the MOE-funded member no longer wishes to provide services consistent with the plan approved by the consortium; that member cannot provide the services that address the needs identified in the adult education plan; or the member has been consistently ineffective in providing the services that address the needs identified in the plan."
 **Call to Action**
In order to ensure that the Legislature moves forward the May Revise version, I urge you to contact your respective Assemblymember and Senator as soon as possible to convey your support for the Governor's May Revise.  To identify your legislator, please see  Key talking points may include:
·         We appreciate the Legislature's engagement on preserving K-12 based adult education
·         The Governor's May Revise is the culmination of many proactive, solutions-oriented conversations with DOF, the Legislature and stakeholders over the past year that have resulted in a workable path forward for adult schools that ensures stability and access for our students
·         We would oppose any changes to the plan that would erode the stability and certainty DOF provided to the K-12 providers in the trailer bill language associated with the maintenance of effort (MOE)
Please begin making your calls now and let's ensure a smooth path forward to the Governor's signature for this incredibly positive, workable proposal.  Strength in numbers!

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