Saturday, May 9, 2015

Same Story - Different Continent

Across the pond from us, in the United Kingdom, Adult Education is undergoing similar reforms and cutbacks.

Check out these blogs and articles for more information:

The Learning Age

The Learning Age:  Adult Education and Austerity

Dancing Princesses blog

"Adult Education is Being Slashed and Burned - This is Too Important to Ignore" - by Lola Okolosie, The Guardian, March 2015

"Ed Reform of Adult Ed in the United Kingdom" - Alan Tucket, The Guardian, October 2014

"150,000 Will Lose Right to an Adult Education" -  The Independent, July 2012

"City Lit Head Deplores Cuts to Adult Education" - The Guardian, October 2010

"Mendelson Slashes Adult Education" - The Guardian, November 2009

"Global Vision or Corporate Welfare: The Privatization of Adult Ed in the New Millenium" Jennifer Sumner

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