Monday, May 11, 2015

Perspective: Competing Visions

From left to right: Bruce Neuberger,
George & Kristen Pursley,
Cynthia Eagleton
At the 2015 Network for Public Education Conference in Chicago, Kristen Pursley, Bruce Neuberger, and I presented a panel entitled, "The Battle for Adult Education."
The Conference was deep and powerful.  The keynote speeches and several workshops are available to view online - and I highly recommend that you do so. 

Cuts and reform in California Adult Education are part of a larger puzzle affecting every piece of Public Education in the US.  To understand what is happening in Adult Education in California - and to influence it in a positive direction - we need to understand what is happening elsewhere.

Understandably, that can be overwhelming.  But taking the time to watch a few videos, read an article, or follow grassroots organization like K12 News Network or bloggers like Edushyster or The Jose Vilson or Cloaking Inequality on social media is well worth our time.

Our workshop was lightly attended - we were in the last slot, sandwiched between key programs and the best time to grab lunch - but the folks who came gave us their time and what's more, shared from their own experience.

Sharing information, experience, perspective, and wisdom is so important.   In that spirit, Here's the powerpoint I presented at the conference.  I hope to share Kristen and Bruce's soon, as well.

As noted, this is a Perspective Piece.  In this case, mine.   Click the link to see the slides from the powerpoint.

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