Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Act Now to Support AB 1846: Bill to Increase Funding for Adult Education

Long-time supporter of Adult Education
Assembly Member Patty Lopez
before she was elected to the Legislature
Thanks to Assembly Member Patty Lopez, we have the chance to increase funding for Adult Education by $250 million to pre-collapse levels.   This funding is crucial to meet the needs of our people. 
The bill was released on Wednesday, February 10.   This date is the beginning of a 31 day public comment period for the bill.
This means the next 3 weeks are a critical time period for speaking up about the value of Adult Education and the need for more money to fund it. 
Contact your state representatives.  Find them here.  Encourage your co-workers, administrators, community members, and students to do the same. 
Here is an announcement from John Mears with more details about the bill and the need for us to take action on it now.
Dear colleague,
At a press conference yesterday -- Wednesday, February 10th at 10:30 a.m. -- Assemblywoman Patty Lopez announced the introduction of AB 1846, which would increase funding for adult education in California to pre-recession levels. It would add $250 million to California's Adult Education Block Grant, currently at $500 million.  Here is a video of the press conference in the Capitol building:  https://youtu.be/BGgtZRkmAas
Now begins the urgent and crucial work of building support for this legislation.
Folks, this bill could make a huge difference for all of us, for our students and for our communities, but to be frank, passing the bill will require broad-based support statewide from other legislators, from community organizations, from faith-based groups, and from businesses, students, and labor unions -- just for starters. We need to reach out to everyone and anyone who can help us pass AB 1846.
In particular, we will need letters of support from individuals and businesses that benefit from our programs. We will also need well groomed, well mannered, well spoken people, especially students, to visit state lawmakers who have district offices within driving distance.
The next few months could very well decide whether adult education in California is restored to full capacity, or continue to suffer the slow death of a thousand cuts. We have a chance to make history. Let's do this!
John Mears, Chair
Adult Education Task Force
with California Assemblywoman Patty López (39th District)
PS:  Regarding the letter-writing campaign started earlier, we now have over 1,000 student letters, but we need more.  Keep those letters coming! 
Adult Education Task Force meeting
John Mears, Asm Patty Lopez on the left
Mathew Kogan on the right

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