Thursday, May 9, 2013

Calling All Retired Teachers

There's a group that has a special understanding of the value of education.

Can you guess?

You got it:  Teachers!

And we have a whole lot of them in California - many of them retired.

Here's one of them: 

That's my mom.  35 years in the classroom - most of it in junior highs.  Yay, mom!

And there are thousands and thousands more.  I know.  Because she's friends with many of them.  :-)

Tney're out there - vital, active citizens, volunteering, helping their adult children and grandkids, traveling, learning, participating in family, community, and civic life, voting!

We need their help!

Not only do they understand the value of education -

but being retired, they understand the value of classes for Older Adults -

a program which is in grave danger of extinction.

I'm asking that wherever you live -

you connect with your local chapter of 

CALRTA - the California Retired Teacher Association,

tell them what is happening to Adult Education -

and to classes for Older Adults -

and ask for their help.

Click the "read more" link for more info..

Tell them about the Petition to Rebuild Adult Education.

Tell them about this blog -

Have them take a look at the statistics about seniors and kids.

Ask them to read this San Francisco Chronicle article, "Lawmakers May Slash Adult Ed Classes." 

Point out that many classes for older adults, while held at senior centers, are actually Adult School classes.

Explain to them that 70 Adult Schools have closed and 20 more are slated to close.

Show them this video from Alliance for California Adult Schools:

Show them this clip of Irma Becerra Nunez, who teaches Older Adults classes for LA Adult School, testifying about the the importance of classes for seniors to LAUSD School Board Members.

What is California thinking?!

We need classes for seniors, parents, immigrants, young adults, job seekers, and the disabled!

CalRTA’s membership is divided into 87 divisions (much like chapters) within 12 areas. If you’re looking for the division nearest you, click on the map. You’ll be taken to that area’s Website, which will list all the local divisions.

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